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A space to support small businesses: Wadebridge Country Market

Wadebridge Country Market offers a truly local shopping experience and a warm welcome.

As the oldest weekly market in town, with a market in Wadebridge having been around for more than five decades, it has transformed into a community hub in recent years with its cafe-snack bar, offering a place to catch up with friends after a spot of shopping.

The range of produce available varies according to local skills and of course, the season. The producers pride themselves on keeping traditional home cooking, home growing and hand-crafted items alive.

There is a network of up to 200 Country Markets across England and Wales, with producers being members of the Co-operative Social Enterprise, ‘Country Markets’. Wadebridge Country Market has been selling home-made baked goods, preserves, garden-grown fruit and vegetables, plants, and handmade crafts for many years, meaning visitors can access almost all things local and seasonal, that can be produced in a domestic kitchen or garden. Country Markets also sell meat, honey, and eggs from local small producers.

Wadebridge Country Market is held every Thursday in the Town Hall. For more information, like their Facebook page, ‘Wadebridge Country Market’.


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