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Adventure is around the corner!

The days are getting longer and (hopefully) a little warmer, the buds are emerging and with it, Cornwall begins to unfold, building to its busiest season.

Pubs, restaurants and cafés are starting to extend their opening hours, historic properties are opening their creaky doors and attractions are calling all visitors. It is often said that you can forget to explore what is on your own doorstep. Luckily, there is such a wide variety of exciting things to do and explore in and around Wadebridge, that there is no need to travel too far for fun!

Which type of adventurer are you?

  • The Sea Dogs– If you want the perfect doggy date day and area fan of the beach, then a day at Rock Beach will certainly pamper that pooch. After a walk along the sand and up and down dunes, you both can enjoy a café stop at Blue Tomato Café where there is even a separate menu for your four-legged friend.

  • The Latte Lovers– Explore the beautiful range of new and old books at Wadebridge Bookshop,then treat yourself to some quiet reading time and a light bite and latte at Delica Tapas and Café or go for two-in-one and enjoy coffee and books at Stir.

  • The Explorers – Brush off the mud from all those winter bike rides, treat yourself to some new supplies from Wadebridge Bike Shop and head to Padstow and beyond via the Camel trail.

  • The Curiosity Shoppers–Wadebridge has multiple treasure troves full of antiques and unusual items. Have a day searching for quirky homeware or looking for that hidden gem. Don’t forget to squeeze in a cheeky refreshment stop at one of Wadebridge’s wonderful independent cafes!


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