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Choose the perfect showstopper with Prestige Christmas Trees

Shopping locally and supporting independent businesses is something that is important to many of us in our little corner of the world.

That’s why at such a busy time of year, choosing where we buy from makes a huge difference - and that includes selecting your Christmas tree!

We met with Pete from Prestige Christmas Trees, a local supplier of Christmas trees in Wadebridge and Newquay, who also deliver across Cornwall.

Prestige provides Nordmann Fir and, this year, are introducing Fraser Firs to their collection, which come from Dartmoor, Helston and Truro and are available to buy at pop-up shops in Wadebridge and Newquay. In Wadebridge, they can be found in the car park behind Wadebridge Wines, and for free they deliver trees in the local area.

Wadebridge is Pete’s home town, so ensuring the community could get high quality Christmas trees as locally as possible has always been important to him. With the majority of his full-time business, Cornwall Waverunner Safaris, based in Lusty Glaze and Carlyon Bay, plus with a new restaurant business underway, Pete wanted to start a separate business to offer winter employment to his staff. Nine years later, this is exactly what Prestige is doing - providing work to local people while offering fantastic Christmas trees to the community.

Having started this year’s Christmas tree pop-up in Wadebridge on 23rd November, people can wander into town, do some Christmas shopping and then choose their Christmas tree from Prestige. As well as their locally grown cut trees, they also offer potted trees, wreaths and stands.

Pete added: “We’re a local company, providing support and employment to local people. We always plan to sell out so we don’t have a lot of waste.”

Prestige Christmas Trees can be found by Wadebridge Wines, and usually open 9am-5pm. Visit for more information.


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