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Elixir Health: Supporting you on your journey to health

Elixir Health & Wellbeing in Wadebridge, run by Neil & Debbie Gregory, is here for all your health journey needs.

In 2018 Debbie had a run in with a combination of Fibromyalgia, Perimenopause and other issues. Alongside Neil, she decided to investigate more natural ways to get well and stay healthy. They soon found that the five key elements to becoming ‘the healthiest version of yourself’ are nutrition, sleep, movement, self-care, and connection. Spurred on by the beneficial changes in not only Debbie’s health but Neil’s too, they became the owners of Elixir in 2019 so they could follow their passion for health and self-care.

“To be the best version of you, is to have those five things in balance. We want our shop to heal, nourish and inspire, mind, body and soul.

“We’re more than just muesli! Our qualified team provides on-floor consultations that result in personalised recommendations. No appointments are necessary; you can just pop in for a chat.”

As well as health and wellbeing products, Elixir stock eco-friendly household, skincare and gift items to suit all budgets. They have a therapy room for a number of treatments, and also run fortnightly meditation classes and Inspired Health talks and retreats. Each month, the store focuses on a different health topic, with the team receiving weekly training to ensure they can provide the most up-to-date information. Elixir also receives referrals from the NHS, midwives, local GPs, and they work closely with North Cornwall’s social prescriber.

For more information, visit or meet the friendly team at 47 Molesworth Street.


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