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Explore the beauty of dahlias

The Cornish Dahlia Society was formed in the early spring of 1981 with the aim of promoting the growing and showing of Dahlias in Cornwall.

A lot has happened since then, with Dahlias losing and then gaining popularity. They have never been so popular as they are now. The society holds two quality shows a year including a three-day show at The Lost Gardens of Heligan. A few dedicated members also grow, plant and tend an incredible display of over 1,600 plants.

The society has members of all growing experience from all over the South West and advice is always on hand, whether you just grow for the garden or for the show bench. Members can enter the People’s Dahlia competitions for just one flower from the garden, novice classes for those just starting out and classes for the experienced grower. There are a number of successful dahlia breeders based here in the South West.

Everyone is made very welcome.

For more information about joining, visit or You can also email


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