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Girls in Cornwall: A positive, social group for women

Cornwall is a beautiful place to live, but if you struggle to meet likeminded people, or make new friends, the feelings associated with rural isolation can soon take over.

Girls in Cornwall is organised by Sophie Gratton, with an aim to provide social events for women across the county, allowing them to make new connections, while also taking part in a range of fun activities that are right on their doorstep.

The social events also address the rising loneliness problem that the UK faces. Sophie said: “It’s no secret that maintaining friendships as an adult is more challenging with increased commitments and changes in personal circumstances, so Girls in Cornwall is there to facilitate making connections a little easier.”

Hundreds of women have now attended Girls in Cornwall events, and many of these have gone on to make friends - even best friends! In fact, many of the women who have attended a Girls in Cornwall meet-up have said how ‘the community has changed their life for the better’.

There is no membership involved with Girls in Cornwall; it’s simply a case of booking onto an event and turning up. But if you’d like to make some connections before attending the event, there is a Facebook group with more than 3,000 members. Events include everything from crafting to cocktails and painting to paddleboarding, presenting the opportunity to try new things and hang out with others that share the same interests.

For more information visit They are also on Instagram @girlsincornwall - and Facebook -Girls in Cornwall.


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