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The latest from Wadebridge and District Museum

Thanks to grants from St Breock Wind Farm Community Fund and Wadebridge Rotary, Wadebridge and District Museum is working on a project to help it become more child-friendly.

‘Child's Eye View’ has already seen Year 5 from St Breock Primary School come along and give their opinions. The ideas of these young consultants will help with the selection of the aspects of the town's history which appeal most to children. Local artist Laura Frances Martin will create a mural linking historic events and present-day Wadebridge.

The children's ‘treasure trail’ leaflet will get a professional makeover and already some of the artefacts are easier to appreciate, with for instance irons and a copper kettle placed on the museum’s Cornish range, and some very realistic fabric versions of bakery goods in its oven!

The Wadebridge Timeline has been professionally redesigned and is now installed in one of the windows, facing outwards. The display includes a dedication to museum founder Peter Tutthill. Though currently unwell, he was able to come and see it in place.

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