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The Nature Journal: What you may find this winter

By Caroline Palmer

During the winter months, it can be hard to resist not staying in the comfort of your home and getting cosy with hot drinks and a good book. However, spending time outdoors can be extremely beneficial for both mind and body, especially at this time of year.

The changing of season brings with it an abundance of colour and a variety of wildlife that thrives throughout the land. If you just take a moment and breathe it all in, it really can be wonderful.

There are many local walks in the area, rich not only with nature but also full of history and heritage. The Cornish landscape is home to 20 remaining Quoits dating back to neolithic times

(3500-2600BC) which are presently evident around the Duchy.

The Pawton Quoit, known locally as The Druids Altar, and The Giant’s Quoit, a megalithic structure, is situated at St Breock Downs near Haycrock Farm upon a north facing ridge, with views across to the River Camel. It has the thickest cap of any other in Cornwall (L 3.6m, W 2.1m, T0.8m, weight 14.4 Tonnes).

Cornish legend tells the story that the large capstones were thrown by giants playing a game of

quoits. The game was developed in medieval Britain when peasants heated and bent horseshoes into rings and tossed them at a metal stake, called the Hob. Traditionally played with two players or in teams, the idea is that the closer the rings are to the hob, the more points. The game was particularly enjoyed in Victorian times by working class people and is still very much alive today.

So, what are you waiting for? Get wrapped up and go and explore the wonderful outdoors - and

maybe try a game of quoits!


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