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Things to do this autumn

With the nights drawing in, autumn and winter can feel like a dark, cold and isolating time for many. While we can’t offer answers to some of the issues people have with this time of year, we can offer a more positive outlook with some cosy, family-friendly activities to try as October and November head our way.

Making your favourite comfort recipe

From melty cookies to have with a cup of tea, a special crumble using nature’s ingredients, a hearty dinner or even canning or bottling fruit jams or cordials, autumn can offer the opportunity to enjoy nature’s plentiful harvest. So even if the rain is battering against the window, and the last of the summer flowers are falling back into the ground, you can feel a little thankful for warm treats and familiar comforts on those colder nights.

Pumpkin picking

What could be better than a trip out to your local farm shop or pumpkin patch in the run-up to spooky season? Trevathan Farm in St Endellion always have a great pumpkin offering, so pull on your wellies, grab a wheelbarrow and head into the fields with the family. Alternatively, pop into your local veg shop, such as The Vine, as they’ll have plenty of pumpkins and other seasonal produce to choose from.

Nature journalling

Sometimes getting outdoors can really help blow away the cobwebs and make you feel a personal connection to the earth. If you need some peace and quiet, head outside with a notebook and a pen or pencil, and wander the countryside for some inspiration. Sit in a quiet spot and start scribbling down what you can see - describe the flowers and plants, research what you find, sketch some of the scenery, and simply enjoy the amazing surroundings we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep.


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