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Wadebridge Bike Shop: Supporting your cycling journey

Wadebridge is known as a cycling destination, thanks to its ample trails - including the famous Camel Trail, a popular route that takes thousands of walkers, runners and cyclists alike to Padstow or Bodmin each year.

The Camel Trail is a popular cycling route in Cornwall

Wadebridge Bike Shop has been serving the community for nine years out of their shop on Polmorla Walk and remains one of the most knowledgeable and trusted bike shops in the area.

Set up by Paula, on moving back home and raising a family, the small team are passionate about working with the community, whether it’s servicing and selling bikes in the shop, or making repairs across the town so that everyone can get out and enjoy cycling.

Paula and team members Simon and Tim live locally, and try to support other town businesses as much as possible.

Paula said: “We’re a small team, so the customers know us well. I live and work in the town, and my kids go to the school here, so you get to know the people and build relationships, not just customers. We’re always trying to support other businesses; they send people to us, and we send people down to them. It’s important to have those connections.”

For example, one local organisation the shop works with closely is Wadebridge Leisure Centre, ensuring all their spin bikes are in good condition.

Wadebridge Bike Shop doesn't just sell and service bikes; unusually for an independent bike shop, they repair and service suspension for mountain bikes, help schools with bike fleets and repairs and are the local hub for the national ‘Trash Free Trails’ group, documenting and picking up rubbish on our Trails.

So, what’s on the cards for Wadebridge Bike Shop this year? With spring upon us, the team are keen to encourage all cyclists to get their bikes booked in for a check up or seek advice on how to upgrade their bike rather than buy a new one, and beginners to pop in if they need advice to get them started on their cycling journey.

Additionally, Paula, Simon and Tim will be undergoing further training to ensure they’re up-to-date with the latest in the bike industry. With many accreditations under their belt, including Bosch, Bafang and Shimano Service Centres together with their recent status as one of 12 national Shimano Steps Premier Centres, covering Cornwall to Swindon, this independent business may be small, but they have national accreditations backing their expertise.

Whether you need advice, an estimate, upgrade or a custom-built bike made specifically for your needs, the Wadebridge Bike Shop team can help.

Cycling around Cornwall means tackling steep hills and uneven terrain, which can be off-putting for those wanting to step into or continue their cycling journey. E-bikes are an effective way to give all abilities the freedom to explore, which they sell, service and repair.

Paula said: “Wadebridge is in a valley - a lot of places in Cornwall are either on a hill or in a valley - so E-bikes help people get up those hills, and allow you to get out, rather than not going out at all. You often find yourself going further than you would think, so E-bikes can give people the freedom to go anywhere. People can try the bikes before buying - we hold demo days for this - and each of the team

evaluates our brands to ensure they are fit for our hills and terrain.”

Simon, Paula and Tim

The Wadebridge Bike Shop team are looking forward to welcoming both regular and new customers for the 2024 season, reminding people that ‘there are no stupid questions’.

Paula added: “We’re approachable, and there really are no stupid questions. Every single person should be treated with respect. Bikes can be intimidating; our job is to make things accessible to people, because cycling should be open to everyone, no matter their budget or experience.”

If you’re dusting off your bike in the shed, ready for the spring and summer season, or would like to start cycling, pop in to see the friendly team at Wadebridge Bike Shop. You can call them on 01208 815262, visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. The shop is open six days a week, all year round.


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