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Wadebridge Christmas lights - A team effort to bring some festive sparkle to town

As the days become shorter and the evenings grow darker it can only mean one thing – it’s time for the Christmas lights in Wadebridge!

The lights provide the sparkle as the town gets ready for Christmas, and it has very much been a team effort to ensure Wadebridge shines over the festive season.

Since 2014 Wadebridge Town Council has been responsible for the Christmas lights in Wadebridge. They take care of the admin, organise and hire the machinery needed to put up and take down the lights around town, and pay for repairs and any lights that need to be replaced.

Davey Electrical Services and their fantastic team provide the storage for the town lights, generously give up their time to hang the lights annually, and monitor any issues with the lights prior to going up, as well as identifying and carrying out ongoing repairs for the duration they are up.

The lights team is also lucky to have a group of volunteers who help too. Completing the team is the support from a local business, Continuum, who very generously contribute to the provision of the electricity to power the beautiful canopy lights.

A spokesperson from Wadebridge Town Council said: “We hope you enjoy visiting Wadebridge over the festive season, and that your visit is a bright one – thanks to so many who come together to make Wadebridge shine. Merry Christmas everyone, and here’s to a brighter 2024!”


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