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Walking picks with Emma: A circular walk around Little Petherick Creek

One of the many advantages of living in a beautiful area to which thousands flock each year for their holidays is that you get to enjoy it year-round, out of season, and in all weathers. So before the first school break of 2023 kicked-off this year’s holiday season, I decided to make the most of the quiet paths and peaceful beaches while we still have it to ourselves.

Setting out from Padstow on a fabulously clear and sunny Sunday morning, my plan was to walk a circular route up Little Petherick creek, looping back around to the Camel Trail on a 5.3 mile (8.6km) hike.

We left the bustle of Padstow on the first section of the Saint’s Way, climbing to the top of obelisk-topped Dennis Hill which offered impressive panoramic views of the estuary and beyond. Through hilly fields and woodland we ambled, spying daffodils already in bloom, tiny splashes of lilac coloured periwinkle, and even first blooms of snowdrops!

Hugging the edge of the creek upstream to the pretty village of Little Petherick, we crossed to the opposite side of the water where the pathway opened up and tracked the creek much nearer the water's edge, making it possible for us to spot a white little egret wading in the tidal pools. Much of this side is tidal mudflats, and I cannot recommend robust, waterproof high ankle boots enough! Also, be sure to check the tide times as the pathway is submerged if it’s not low tide! Quite the adventure!

Despite the significant distance, the miles flew by and before we knew it we were back at the Camel Trail, crossing over the iron railway bridge that spans the creek. And as we conveniently found ourselves in Padstow, we really did have the perfect excuse for a pub lunch and a bit of refreshment!


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