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Who to turn to in the local area to help clear away the cobwebs

The spring traditionally makes us want to declutter and clean. Here are a few local businesses that may be able to help you with your tidying to do list!

As nature gets a little busier, with shoots sprouting from dormant bulbs and creatures emerging from hibernation, Cornwall can get a little busier too. For some of us, work hours may increase again after a few quieter months which may cause a bit of interruption to our cleaning schedules. If you still want to come back to a clean, fresh smelling and organised home after a long day at work, then you could give DFL Services (Dust Free Living) a call!

Spring also represents new beginnings, and this can inspire change in all of us and manifest in many different ways. Perhaps, one way we can invite a new, positive energy into our lives and home is with a fresh lick of paint! Anna Shoosmith is a local decorator that can serve your painting, decorating and wallpaper hanging needs. Anna could also touch up your kitchen cupboards or upcycle some of your old furniture with a smooth new coat and colour!

Perhaps, it is not only your home that needs organising, but this is the year where you may want to make life a little easier for yourself by decluttering your mind and workspace. Nothing inspires ‘organisation’ like a fresh set of stationery! Whether you want to take up ‘journaling’ to invite positive thoughts and get out your worries or whether you just need a good diary and some highlighters, then Bricknells is your local stationery shop to suit all your needs!

Featured: DFL Services,, 07817452879/01208 814539.

Anna Shoosmith,, 07899797986.

Bricknells, 11 Molesworth Street, 01208 813274.


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