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Wadebridge Wines: A pivotal part of the local business community

With the Annual Wine Tasting at the Royal Cornwall Showground and the Christmas season upon us, Wadebridge Wines next year celebrates 50 years’ service and feels proud to be a member of Wadebridge’s busy business community.

Serving customers out of their beautiful shop on Eddystone Road for almost 50 years, Wadebridge Wines has watched the evolution of the high street, and while it may look different to how it was in the 70s, they have always been enthusiastic and hopeful for this town.

Co-owners Sue and Kym Hall, who, together with their parents launched the business in 1974, spoke to Wadebridge Life about what it means to run a business in an evolving town that has seen a huge amount of growth over the years.

Claiming Wadebridge has always been ‘a strong town’ due to its long-serving businesses and facilities, Sue said: “It may all come down to thanking the farming and fishing community! Back in the 60’s when we first knew Wadebridge, it was a busy market town with weekly cattle auctions down Polmorla Road. There were builders, coal and metal merchants, a haberdashery, hardware stores, chemists, ladies and gents clothing. We had great schools, our lovely cinema and of course the railway line going through the town - everything a farming community needed.

"Our family opened the laundrette in 1967, a boat business at Rock and Truro, and then the wine shop was established in 1974. All a bit ‘new-fangled’ at the time, but the people welcomed us, and we worked hard to join the community. I think we remain true to what was started all those years ago at Wadebridge Wines: to provide an eclectic, well sourced range of wines, beers, spirits, and liqueurs each worthy of their place on the shelves, while bringing diversity and quality with that little bit of je ne sais quoi!”

Equally, at each stage of growth, innovation hasn’t meant rejecting old and traditional favourites; there is strong faith in the quality and reputation of all their wines, but rather embracing newcomers whose reputation also has to earn their place. Each individual staff member brings something unique to Wadebridge Wines; they pride themselves on helping with food pairing, gift hampers, cellar suggestions and supplies for events, parties and corporate functions.

They are passionate about their role in the community, while offering a genuine service. In their quest to educate, they try to make the experience fun for anybody who steps across the threshold, acting as ‘custodians’ of each winemaker’s produce.

As a registered excise dealer and shipper, their imported wines show flare and insight in the market, with regular small parcels of stunning offers arriving at the shop.

Sue added: “In turn, our success is bound with our fellow businesses in Wadebridge. See how it has evolved - the railway line is now a cycle way, the old station an arts and care centre; the sports centre, playing fields, sports clubs, churches, showground, fine dining, not forgetting the stunning beaches and estuary! All this is connected by beautiful countryside, coming back to my original thanks to the farming and fishing community.”

With the festive season upon us, Wadebridge Wines has been working towards Christmas since late summer. In addition to their fabulous range of wines, spirits, beers and liqueurs, they also stock a selection of foods that are perfect for the festive season, which can be found on their carefully put-together Christmas table in the shop.

“We’re very much about not having what you think you should have, but what you like,” Sue added. “For us, it’s all about engaging with the customer. I like to think that people come in and we can help them find what they enjoy. Their experience in our shop, but also being in Wadebridge and shopping around, has to be pleasurable, so they can go home thinking positively on their experience in the town.”

Consistency has ‘always been the key’ for this business; loving the product, the enthusiasm of the staff, and working with and building relationships with their artisan suppliers, plus the wider community.

“For a community to thrive and exist, we need to take part in it, whether it be helping with kids’ activities, or raising money for local causes,” Sue said. “If we can make people feel that Wadebridge is a nice town, they may go on to explore more of the area and go away thinking that Cornwall is a nice county, and in turn think the UK is a nice place with good towns and shops. It’s a knock-on effect; in a way, we’ve got a responsibility to be part of the bigger picture.

“Cornwall is a destination throughout the whole year and with a will to strive for excellence in all

we do, I think Wadebridge will march forward.”

For more information about Wadebridge Wines, follow on Instagram, visit their website or pop into the shop on Eddystone Road - they are always ready to welcome you.


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